Blog on WordPress? How to Post to Too

I’m a developer, WordPress blogger, and a process builder. I’m also lazy. It took a lot for me to commit to writing blogs once a week and it’s still kinda hard. I don’t want to have to copy it over to as well. I also don’t want to worry about the tags, category, publish date, etc.

So I built a plugin, it’s awesome.

My plugin automatically adds the canonical link. It also lets you post your article on a delay. It also lets you add tags and series automatically.

It’s not quite done yet, but when it is, it will be able to update your post when you update the post on WordPress. It also will allow you to publish any post_type to

Thanks for reading. I couldn’t think of what to write today so I’d let you know about a plugin I built. It is currently working, and since I set it to publish this on a two week delay, it will probably be done when you’re reading this. Just look for “How to Post to Too” in the plugins.






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